How we work

We develop new strategies and concepts tailored to different target groups for our clients. With years of experience, we’re capable of filtering out the most effective measures from complex requirement situations: convincingly, surprisingly and economically efficient.

  • Consulting at LauferNeo


    To guarantee our client’s success, we rely on intensive, personal contact. We’d like to know who you are, and mutually reflect upon what you need. 

  • Strategy at LauferNeo


    Substantiated analyses and a holistic approach are the heart of any LauferNeo-strategy. We define the scope of services, create a reliable schedule and keep an eye on your target groups, contents and messages. 

  • Concept at LauferNeo


    Based on stipulated strategy, we develop concepts and measures that are guaranteed neo. In addition, we draw upon the entire range of expertise found in a classic creative agency, we think outside the box, bundle those famous synergy effects and know no hierarchies. May the best ideas win!

  • Implementation at LauferNeo


    This is when it becomes tangible: Shape and content become one, ideas become visible, real, and comprehensible messages are understood. Regardless whether it concerns a billboard motif, newsletter, an opinion-leader event or a 360° campaign: Our measures are not only effective, they’re guaranteed to be great-looking as well.

  • Customer Liaison and Support by LauferNeo


    We’re happy when you are. Our goal is to satisfy you.  Our projects’ sustainable customer liaison and support is just as important as your trust. It’s great, when you return. Even better is, when you decide to never leave in the first place.

Our Core Competencies

Internal Communication

How a company communicates with its staff underlies framework conditions other than how their promotional communication to the outside world functions. In this case, co-workers speak with their peers, to activate them and emotionally incorporate them into direct dialog with one another. Not only is authentic information delivery important, but particularly in regard to sensitive topics; striking the right note becomes crucial.  Classic instruments of internal communication include the intranet or periodical newsletters as well as informative meetings.


Change Communication

Change situations within companies create special prerequisites for adequate, communicative assistance and emotional guidance. Whether we’re talking restructuring, HR-changes or the alignment of a company’s new mission statement - the change communication’s objective is to integrate the entire staff into the change process; to positively influence it and ensure the acceptance thereof within the company.



To make sure that live communication turns into a positive experience, particularly dramatic and strategic competencies are required - as well as strong project management that’s capable of pulling all the strings. No matter if it’s a barn burner event or a factually informative specialists’ event: Information and image messages must be experienced directly by means of a target group-specific staging - without an event being as an end in itself, but as a means for the purpose. When it’s over with, the following question shouldn’t arise: “Awesome event - but what was it actually about?”



Found in students and companies’ everyday life: the three Ps of horror, the screen-sized slide wonder - the PowerPoint Presentation! Unloved and yet, so useful. You give us your designer’s sluggish format and we’ll bring out the best of it - from either a technical or an artistic aspect and upon request, even from a contextual point of view. Because it’s being used, because it’s demanded and because when presenting figures, one just can’t do without it. So, if it’s used, it at least should be done very well.


Corporate Publishing

Printkrise? Welche Printkrise? Kunden- und Mitarbeitermagazine sind beliebter denn je. Kein Wunder: Schließlich hat das Digitale das Analoge nicht überflüssig gemacht, sondern seine Qualitäten sogar gestärkt. Toll gestaltete Druckerzeugnisse transportieren mehr als Informationen: Sie sind Hingucker, inspirieren und sehen gut aus. Print wirkt ­– und erfüllt das Bedürfnis der Menschen nach Entschleunigung und Haptik.

Mit einem Netzwerk etablierter Journalisten und erfahrener Texter kreiert LauferNeo mehr als Content, nämlich 1A recherchierte Inhalte und gut erzählte Geschichten, die die Unternehmensmarke stärken. Unsere Editorial Designer setzen sie gekonnt und ungewöhnlich in Szene.



Successful brand development — a creative stroke of luck? No: particularly the results of strategic considerations and analyses as well as the implementation of creative expertise. What started as a whittling away to get to the brand’s core, finally leads to the development of an original corporate identity and an unmistakable corporate design as its visual brand name expression.



The one-source solution. Differing from communicative individual solutions, campaigns are intermediate measures: A product or service’s previously devised core benefits are condensed to a communicative route that are adapted to different channels in a manner appropriate to the media. With creative new ideas, especially tailored to the target group, we guarantee absolute attentiveness. The objective: Optimal wide-ranging impact within a limited period of time.



(Bilanz-)Pressekonferenz ist die wichtigste Veranstaltung des Kommunikationsjahres. Wir entwickeln individuelle Konzepte, die zahlenlastige Inhalte und strategische Themen in Stories übersetzen. Stories, die wir live und punktgenau auf der Bilanzbühne präsentieren.
Inhalte, Konzept, Event, Technik im Zusammenspiel und aus einer Hand, nämlich aus unserer – das trifft den Nerv der Zielgruppen.


Overview of Services

Project Management

Project Management

  • Customer Consulting, Liaison and Support
  • Status Review and Analysis
  • Organization and Coordination
  • Scheduling
  • Production Management
Customer and Employee Communication

Customer and Employee Communication

  • Communication Concepts
  • Editorial Assistance (Editorial Plan)
  • Copywriting
  • Newsletter and Staff Magazines
  • Customer Magazines
  • Intranet
  • Workshops
Brand (Corporate Design)


  • Brand Strategy and Development
  • Creative Guiding Principles
  • Logo
  • Business Equipment
  • Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, Banners, Signs
  • Website
  • Packaging


  • Promotional/Informational/Image Campaigns
  • Guerilla Marketing


  • Event Concepts/Organization
  • Workshops
  • Management Systems
  • Exhibition Appearances
  • Backdrops for Press Conferences
  • Conferences and Conventions
  • Merchandising


  • Structural Revision
  • PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi


  • Pictograms/Icons
  • Graphs
  • Diagrams
Mission Statements/Key Visuals

Mission Statements/Key Visuals

  • Mission Statements/Key Visuals


  • Illustration
User Interface Design

User Interface Design

  • Apps/Webapps
  • Microsites
  • User Interfaces
  • Software
Audiovisual Design

Audiovisual Design

  • Storytelling/Storyboard
  • Motion Design
  • Animation
  • Video
  • 3D Visualization


  • Needs Analysis
  • Briefing
  • Shooting
  • Image Processing
  • Composing

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